Your Home Canberra

The team at Your Home Canberra are committed to providing personalised, high quality, affordable housing to people with intellectual disability. Your Home Canberra (YHC) is a Canberra based, non-profit, non-government incorporation.

About Your Home Canberra

Moving into a new home, the right home can be a big and emotional decision with many factors coming into play. That’s where Your Home Canberra is able to help.

Our aim is to help our clients find a home where they are able to live independently in a secure, long term home that meets their individual needs and expectations.

We take pride in the high standard of service we provide all our clients. Their wellbeing is our highest priority.

Your Home Canberra offers housing in several locations across Canberra.

Our Promise

Your Home Canberra makes sure our clients’ home is safe and will work them to ensure the house and garden is maintained.

We will help our clients keep rental and utility payments on time and up to date and we offer assistance to manage repair services, yard and garden maintenance.

Our Housing Programs

Tenants are allocated to one of three Your Home Canberra Services programs – Independent Living; Shared Living or Carers Living Program.

These classifications assist Your Home Canberra Services to provide adequate, relevant support without unnecessary intrusion. These programs allow Your Home Canberra Services to assist tenants meet their independent living goals while remaining responsive to a tenant’s changing needs.

Independent Living

These tenants are living alone and may, or may not, rely on disability support services from Focus ACT or another disability support provider. This group may receive informal support from family, neighbours or friends who live separately.

Shared Living

This applies to housing for non-related adults, with their own room and shared rights to all common areas. Support arrangements for individuals living in this type of shared accommodation ranges from limited i.e. a few hours a week, to significant formal support.


This program involves housing where the person relies on significant levels of unpaid family support to assist them maintain their ability to live independently in the community. Family support members maybe a parent, partners, siblings, children or friend who are living with them. The carer’s income is included in the household rent assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access a house through Your Home Canberra?

To access a house through Your Home Canberra, you will need to register your interest below or phone our Housing Manager on 6282 9422 to organise an appointment to discuss your needs and circumstances.

Where are Your Home Canberra houses located?

Your Home Canberra houses are located throughout Canberra. These houses are leased through Housing ACT. Our Housing Manager will discuss available homes and locations with you directly.

Register your interest

Send Your Home Canberra a message to organise an appointment to discuss your needs and circumstances.

If you are interested in Your Home Canberra, please contact the Your Home Canberra team at Focus ACT on (02) 6282 9422 or complete the form to the right

Useful Resources for Tenants

NRSCH Charter

The Charter sets out the overarching vision, objectives, regulatory principles
and philosophy of the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH).

NHRSC Housing Directorate, 2014

Download the Charter

Your Home Canberra Charter

Our Charter provides an overview of the standard of service you can expect from us, how you can help us to deliver the best service to you, and what you can do if our services do not meet your expectations.

Download the Charter

Tenancy Manual

The Tenancy Manual outlines …

Download the Tenancy Manual

Property Maintenance Request Form

Is there an issue with the property you are living in? Submit a request for maintenance online.

Submit the online form